1. Preface

We thank God for leading us through 2018 peacefully, experiencing much of God’s grace and blessing. At the end of last year, the church celebrated her 55th anniversary, with more than 2,000 brothers and sisters-in-Christ gathering together for a thanksgiving dinner at Resorts World Sentosa to celebrate God’s faithful guidance and blessings these past 55 years! One and a half years ago, the church has embarked on the Beyond 55 (B55) Project – “Strategies to grow and improve beyond 55 years”, which lay down plans in 5 key areas to change and improve, in order for the church to remain effective and relevant in facing the challenges of this age by harnessing the power of technological advances.

To the world at large, 2018 was a turbulent year. The China-US trade war has brought about great changes to the world economy, resulting in much uncertainty. Numerous natural disasters and earthquakes occured in different parts of the world, and many conflicts arose between nations and even within a nation’s own citizens, which have caused much chaos and trepidations. These are the signs of the end times, reminding us that the second coming of the Lord is near! Have we accomplished what God has entrusted in our lives; have we accomplished the Great Commission?

The fact that Singapore has not been largely affected by natural disasters or wars, and is still able to enjoy peacetimes, is a part of God’s plan for Singapore to be the end-time Antioch, spreading the Gospel in the end times, to go on missions for the Lord, to accomplish the Great Commission. In line with the theme, “Empowered to Impact”, we experienced much revival and renewal in the Holy Spirit in 2018. Many brothers and sisters-in-Christ have been filled with the Holy Spirit, received power and gifts of the Holy Spirit, spoke in tongues and prayed boldly in the Spirit. In our Worship Services, many brothers and sisters-in-Christ have started practicing their spiritual gifts, which have edified many. Praise the Lord!

  1. Theme and Direction for 2019

2019 is going to be an exciting year. Among the Singapore Christian leaders, many of them feel deeply that this will be a year where God leads His church into a great harvest. Thus a nationwide evangelistic rally “Celebration of Hope” will be held at the National Stadium on 17-19 May 2019. This will be a historic rally in Singapore – The Great Harvest!

Our church leaders have the same vision! Looking back this past year, through the church theme, our brothers and sisters-in-Christ have received the power of the Holy Spirit just like at Pentecost, enabling us to be powerful witnesses for Christ, ready to lead many non-believers into God’s kingdom, harvesting greatly for the Lord!

At the Leaders Planning Camp (LPC) last November, the church leaders have evaluated the progress of our ministries in prayer, the progress of our member’s spiritual lives and their areas of ministry, and are thankful for the work of the Holy Spirit in filling and renewing our spiritual lives. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit has allowed us to experience revival, and receive power. The next step, is to use the power of the Holy Spirit, to be the Lord’s witness, sharing His Gospel, leading many others to believe in the Lord, and to receive Christ. We need to follow up with them, educating and training them to be faithful disciples of the Lord.

After much prayer and discussion at LPC, the church leadership has decided to continue with “Empowered to Impact” as our church theme for 2019, emphasizing on the word “Impact”. In the 1st half of the year, we will focus on testifying, sharing the Gospel and leading many to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. In the 2nd half of the year, we will focus on impactful ministry, especially in the area of following-up with new believers and training them to be faithful disciples of the Lord.

The Church Theme and Focuses for 2019 are as follows:

Church Theme – “Empowered to Impact!”

2019 First Half Focus – “Go! Win Souls For Christ”

2019 Second Half Focus – “Go! Make Disciples For Christ”

  1. Strategies and Methods for Theme Implementation

In line with the church theme, the pulpit ministry and church theme seminar will focus on sharing more about the Lord’s will and truths, in order to equip our brothers and sisters-in-Christ to gain a deeper understanding of the Lord’s teachings and life’s practices. Our weekly Worship Services and Life Groups will focus on encouraging our brothers and sisters-in-Christ to use the “Blessing Cards” to list down the names of unsaved friends and family members, and lead them to Christ using a 7-step approach.

A) First Half 2019

In the first half of the year, the church will conduct a series of training courses on “Sharing the Gospel Effectively”, to equip our brothers and sisters-in-Christ to be effective and bold witnesses in sharing the Gospel, in order to invite unsaved friends and family members to evangelistic meetings/rally, and lead them to Christ.

The infilling and empowerment of the Holy Spirit has filled us with God’s love and power. So, let us let God’s love flow out of our lives – Love In Action – such that many people will be touched and will come to the saving grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We will be organizing the following evangelistic meetings/rally to share the Gospel and reap the harvest across all Worship Services:
i. Gospel Sunday Services
ii. Good Friday/ Easter Gospel Outreach Meetings
iii. Parents’ Day Gospel Meetings in May
iv. Nationwide Evangelistic Rally “Celebration of Hope” on 17-19 May at
the National Stadium

The church looks forward to a great harvest where many people will accept Christ. Therefore, “Train the Trainer (Spiritual Milk)” course will be conducted
to equip more co-workers to utilize the course in following-up with new believers.

B) Second Half 2019
The church will arrange for every new believer to attend “Spiritual Milk” classes, so that they will gain better knowledge in their beliefs, building a firm foundation. This will also encourage them to be baptized, and to join the church and Life Group. Those who are newly baptized must go through the “Masterlife” course immediately, to train them to be the Lord’s Disciples, and live new lives as Disciples. Therefore the church will be organizing “Train the Trainer (Masterlife)” course to train more co-workers in building up our brothers and sisters-in-Christ through Masterlife, to become faithful disciples, living and serving as disciples, to accomplish the Great Commission!

The church will continue to encourage brothers and sisters-in-Christ to exercise their spiritual gifts, so that our ministries will be powerful and impactful!

4. Conclusion
We need continual infilling of the Holy Spirit, so that we can be filled with God’s love, and be passionate to serve. With authority given by the Lord and with the power of the Holy Spirit, we will bring many to Christ, influencing lives through lives, teaching and training them to be faithful disciples! The church will also progressively implement the proposals from the Beyond 55 (B55) Project – “Strategies to grow and improve beyond 55 years”, to help the church remain relevant and face challenges in this era, completing the trust and mission from the Lord!

Let us pray that God will lead the church to a great harvest this year, for brothers and sisters-in-Christ to be filled with joy and the power of the Holy Spirit, to go and make an impact for Christ, with ministry that is impactful, thus glorifying the Name of our Lord!


Brother Chao Tian Kong
Chairman of Elder Board