We are a church that wants to meet the needs of the community. We hope that through the various community services, we can meet the needs of the old and young.

In 1978, we ventured into our first community work. Tung Ling Kindergarten is our first fruitful effort towards achieving the aim of meeting the community needs. Further in 1991 we join ventured with a few other churches and paraorganisations to form St Luke’s Hospital.

We have also ventured into Eldercare ministry together with St Luke’s Hospital and Northeast CDC via the operation of St Luke’s Eldercare Centre at Lorong Ah Soo and Chang Kat.

We have also started Tung Ling Student Care Centre with PAP Community Foundation, Paya Lebar at Lorong Ah Soo.

Tung Ling Community Services (TLCS) is the community outreach arm of our church.

For more information about our community services, feel free to write to admin@tlcs.org.sg