Teens for Christ is one of the core ministries of our church, it exists as a special place for young people (age 13 to 26) to experience the the love of God and care for one another according to Christian principles. We place strong emphasis on the spiritual growth as well as impart good Christian and life values to our young people.

Many wonderful and exciting progammes are organised for them to enjoy healthy fellowship as well as to develop their gifts and talents. Our programmes include Bible study, workshop sessions, retreats, camps, outing and group games.

We come together every Saturday and Sunday. Closer bonding and accountability are built among our youths through the young people life groups where they meet for bible study and fellowship.

Teens for Christ Saturday Programmes (5pm to 7pm)
1st Week of the Month Mass events (Sports events, Prayer and Praise, Seminars, Games etc.)
2nd Week of the Month Life Group (LG) Sessions
3rd Week of the Month Life Group (LG) Whitespace*
4th Week of the Month Life Group (LG) Sessions
5th Week of the Month Open Programme

Teens for Christ Sunday Services (Antioch Hall)
1st Service: 8:30am to 10:30am (2nd ,3rd and 4th weeks of the Month)
2nd Service: 10:45am to 12:45pm
1st and 5th weeks of the Month Worship together with the adult services.

For more information, contact our youth worker zhirong@cos.org.sg