Mission Emphasis Month 2021


Digital Missions

Click and Go! Missions

Due to COVID, we haven’t been able to travel. For some of us, we would love to connect with our mission points and we miss the yearly time of building relationships with our overseas pastors and church friends. For others, we have never gone on a mission trip and would love to do something new this year, especially with missions at our doorstep and it being so accessible.

This year, we are excited to introduce DIGITAL MISSIONS where we will be connecting with our mission points through digital platforms.

What is Digital Missions? Watch the video below to find out how.

As such, COS will be hosting digital mission trips on 10th and 17th July this year! We have liaised with our mission points to host different workshops to support some of their needs as well as create outreach opportunities to their communities.

Doing missions this season has never been easier! Simply CLICK and GO!

The digital missions trip schedule is as shown below. We look forward to having you in our upcoming digital mission trips!


Missions Shield Of Faith


The May-Aug issue of Mission Shield Of Faith is now available! Click on the button below to download.


Missions Prayer List


The July edition of the Missions Prayer List is now available! Click on the button below to download.